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Fixed detection of gases & substances: R20 – chloroform (CHCl3)

Discover our selection of fixed devices and devices for the detection of gases and hazardous substances. Detector: R20 – chloroform (CHCl3), Chloroforme. Formulas: CHCl3, Colorimetric tubes : 137 - 137 - 137 - 137LA - 137LA - 137LA - 137LL
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Infrared gas monitor provided with an integrated sampling gas system (until 8 sampling points) able to detect precisely (without interfering) VOCs and FREONS

  • Reproducibility: ± 2 ppm over 12 months at specified operating conditions
  • Updated reading every 7 seconds
  • 3 alarm levels for the launch of the audible and visual alarms
  • Sample Flow Rate : 1.5 liter / minute
  • Conform to EN55011 and EN 50082-2/EN6100-4-2
  • 3 available physical enclosures : wall mounted, 19’’ rack mounted or explosion-proof housing
Further information about the gas detector IR148